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Looking for my post [Closed]

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I recently posted a question regarding blocked content & “Flood” responded. Unfortunately, I didn’t read his response because I was in a hurry. Now, I have been all over my account & cannot find it. Sorry, I am not that tech savvie but seriously this community forum is very convoluted. I thought I would simply find my question & Floods’ answer under something like ‘My Posts’ so I was very surprised that there isn’t something like that. Anyhow, if Flood reads this & knows what I am talking about could you please either advise me where to find the original thread or re-post your response. Apologies if I have misunderstood the process or anything like that.


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Hello again   @Gulag,

No apology necessary, we’re always here to help. 

Your original post is: Specific website, on the tab; generator.html (1x1) and a black page, nothing else. 


  • To find any post, hover your m🐀 use over your name/avatar, a poup will show your topics:


  • Alternatively, click on your name/avatar, your activity/posts are listed:


Best regards🙏


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