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KSC Not honoring exclusions.

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Kaspersky Security Cloud will absolutely, positively NOT honor the exclusion of "*HackTool.Win32.RouterScan.a". UDS,HEUR, and VHO have been added for both the executable file and its accompanying "librouter.dll" file. To clarify the object exclusions:

UDS:HackTool.Win32.RouterScan.a (RouterScan.exe)

HEUR:HackTool.Win32.RouterScan.gen (RouterScan.exe)

HEUR:HackTool.Win32.RouterScan.gen (librouter.dll)

HEUR:HackTool.Win32.Convagent.gen (librouter.dll)

UDS:HackTool.Win32.RouterScan.a (librouter.dll)

VHO:HackTool.Win32.Convagent.gen (librouter.dll)

All of these have been added to the threats & exclusions list, but KSC continues to block execution, which forces me to disable it temporarily in order to run the software.


I have also added the application and its DLL to the "Trust Applications" list with no effect.


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Forget it. I uninstalled it. System runs noticeably faster without it anyway. Also disabled another piece of trash (Windows Defender) completely through group policy, giving me an even further boost and peace of mind. I don't know what I was thinking allowing these kinds of applications to run on my machines.

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