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KSC Mail Threat Protections not working

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Good day


1. make sure that the component you need is installed on the test device and works.



2. make sure that the policy applies to this device.

3. The component works with traffic, POP, IMAP, SMTP - accordingly, on your test device, a certain mail client that receives mail (for example, Outlook) must be installed.

4. Well, and probably the most important thing, your extensions are not set according to the format (seen in the screenshot), specify *.txt and *.pdf


I think that you will succeed

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through some manipulation, I managed to "break" my system to get the same "problem" that you have.

so...let's try the following

check settings here... if you are using non-standard ports for receiving mail, add them ... and enable secure connections check




after making changes to the settings, adding new extensions, for some time the system, just like you, did not work out the removal of these types.

all I did after unsuccessful tests was reload the application on the client device, and wait a few minutes (5-10), after which all the new types of extensions specified by me began to be removed from the letters.

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let's do it again point by point

1. Even so, check that the required mail protection component is installed and enabled on the test machine (as in the screenshot in my first post)

2. Delete, create, and reconfigure the policy for the test device. Check that the policy is applied to the device.

check the work

if everything is checked and nothing helps, try contacting support through the portal - https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com/account/login

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