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KPM too helpful


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I dont know if this is reporting a problem or offering a suggestion.
Kaspersky Password Manager
Running on Windows 10 Pro, 20H2

I have had several instances lately where KPM has changed data not expected.
One was a 'confirmation' screen for an online store. It changed the name field which was not actually an editable field.
This caused error upon submission and there was a lot of embarrasement as the store said it worked for them.

The second was setting up a new router. 
It overwrote the 'MAC Address' with a physical street address.
And the 'SSID Name' was ovewritten with my name.

So as a suggestion 
* consider changing the colour or something of any field it arbitrarily overwrites.
* dont overwrite protected fields.
* better yet how do I get to ask first ?

What I would really like it to do is
* mark all fields it can populate with the 'green key' 
* only populate the field when the 'green key' is pressed (ie no 'autofill')


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Hello @jc508


  1. KPM v9.0.2.2020* is old, recheck the KPM version? On Windows taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icons, select About please? 
  2. Is Autofill ON or OFF → image 1? 
  3. (For each of your configured sites) is Autologin ON or OFF → image 2? 




  4. Post URL(s) & full screen screen prints of some sites, where the issue is so, 1. we can see what you see? & 2. so we can test? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋


(please) Read before you create a new topic!

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Thank you Flood,

Kaspersky Total Security
Kaspersky Password Manager (t) / 1642492778_7130 / 1.0.523.0-

Doesn’t KPM update itself like the main product ?


For the rest it will take a bit of time to reproduce the error as I have been fiddling with the settings.

AND I will be away for a couple of days.  I will get back to you



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Hello @jc508

You’re most welcome!

  1. Re KPM auto updating, yes, it does. 
  2. Re KPM version, is the correct version, the original one you reported was 
  3. Take your time, there’s no rush, whenever you are ready.
  4. Please make sure the sites you share don’t require us to authenticate or spend $, for example banks, uni’s etc. 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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