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KIS Licence - Switch To New Products?

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Hi everyone,

I have two PCs with KIS installed.

Can I upgrade to one of the new products (Standard, Plus, Premium) with my keys? If so, which one?

Thanks for any help! :)

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@Berny: I'm a bit confused about the conversion  from KIS to standard. If I understand correctly KIS activation code does not work with Kaspersky Standard, it uses a subscription starting from payment day. My license is still valid for 26 days and I already bought a new one for a year (5 devices) I did not enter the new activation code yet. On the link you provided is mentioned : "Activation codes between these pairs of apps will be compatible backwards and forwards". 

Is it worth to loose about one month of protection ? The activation was ordered August 7th, and is the Standard version better or equal to KIS ? Don't really know what to do.

Thanks for any suggestion.

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