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  1. That's weird. All it is is a .png I uploaded to imgur.com. Anyway, the error message says - "Visiting a dangerous website has been prevented.. You were protected from visiting this website by Kaspersky security.."
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to whitelist a website. I got one working but the other one is being stubborn. When I got to the site I get this - https: //imgur.com/a/scM2WOG I have added it to the whitelist in - Web AV / Advanced Settings / Trusted URLs. Can anyone help? Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, I have two PCs with KIS installed. Can I upgrade to one of the new products (Standard, Plus, Premium) with my keys? If so, which one? Thanks for any help! :)
  4. Hi all ? It looks like I have it fixed. I uninstalled and re-installed KIS and now Spotify seems to work fine. If I have further problems I will post here. Cheers!
  5. It seems I spoke too soon. It's doing it again. All I did was add a few exclusions in the firewall and add some folder exclusions and it's doing it again. Very frustrating! Any other ideas?
  6. Hi @ Flood and Flood's wife Resetting to default seems to have fixed it for me. Many thanks for your help!
  7. Hi ? 1 - OS is Windows 11 22000.795 2 - KIS version 3 - Spotify Version - No idea (latest), but it's done this for quite a few builds. 5 - Yes
  8. Hi everyone, I have been having problems with Spotify for a while now. Basically, the app stops working. I have noticed if I disable KIS, Spotify works fine. If it's running it looks like (see attached images). Can someone help? Cheers
  9. Hi everyone ? I want to do a few things on “My Kaspersky”. Basically, there are a few old entries that are no longer valid. Namely, KAV and old KIS entries. I also have two KIS for Android entries for some reason. One was recently renewed and I want to use that one on my phone (Pixel 5). But when I look at that one, it’s for my old phone (oneplus). The other one is (currently) for my Pixel, but I don’t want it’s licence renewed. So, how can I remove to avoid getting billed again for the Android KIS and remove the defunct KAV and KIS windows entries?
  10. Hi there :) I just have a general question about safe money. If I open a protected window, will I be protected from potentially malicious add-ons (Firefox) and extensions (Chrome)?? Thanks!
  11. Ohhh… now I get you!! OK. One more question. If it opens a new window in Firefox, will Safe Money protect me from potentially malicious add-ons?? Thanks :)
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