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Kaspersky VPN in available networks

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I see that in this thread someone noted that Kaspersky VPN should be set to trusted network & another one said generally any VPN should be set to public network.

Which one is correct? & what is the difference?

FYI regarding connection, both works for me, don't have any problem.



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Hello @Kasperov,

years ago I had the same thought as you.
When you connect to the VPN, you are first connected to a foreign network. Even if I consider it trustworthy, it doesn't need the same rights as my LAN. To limit misuse or errors as much as possible, the VPN is set up as 'public' for me.

However, this would be different for a VPN with which you access your company network. This would probably only work limited with this setting.

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Thanks @Schulte

That's exactly what I'm thinking. When you say you had the same thought "years ago", it means your thought now has changed, but you think the same. But I agree & wanted to hear it from a professional, I put it on public network.

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