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kaspersky premium problems

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few suggestions :
provide feed back option visible in premium version at least.
it is too slow, its ruining 200 mbps internet speed...good product but everything is on no speed.

plz explain the heading in 1st screen shot..when i m logged in why i ve asked to click on that heading ?
plz fix the english in the highlighted area of screen shot no 2 the phrase does not mean anything..
plz provide the time under update icon that when the kaspersky was updated, it ve set it on auto but when i click on it it starts updating...

what is it.PNG

wrong english.PNG


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Welcome to Kaspersky Community.


1.- Just click in Authorize, maybe You have to confirm/grant/verify Your registering/email address.


2.- That text means the Background Scan is "executed -> " automatically, I guess it's correct -> past participle (run).


3.- Suggestions to new features should be sent via K. Support K. Support (selecting Feedback in the form). Anyway in Time line You can check updating databases activity, even You may click over that entry and access to Rerports:




Also, that is correct, even having the updating schedule every hour:






You can always run manually the updating at any time, clicking over [Update] button.

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