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Kaspersky Plus quits unexpectedly

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When using my computer, at apparently random times, the icon disappears from the taskbar, and the PC tells me Windows will be taking over. Sometimes the avpui.exe process is still running, sometimes it's gone.

But it seems pretty much that the system runs unprotected from that time on.

Only thing that helps is reboot the PC, after which the icon reappears.

Since it seems random, i can't reproduce it happening, but would love to have a solution.

Oh, the usual suspects are already eliminated, like bad sectors, corrupt windows files, that sort of thing...


eternal + 2 days of gratitude for the winning solution!

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Hum that's a weird behavior, since I also use W11 + KPremium 21.14 and is running smoothly...


Check the health of Your main system hard disk, run a ScanDisk and/or some kind of surface test -> Hard Disk Sentinel.


Also, is there any other security solution installed in the system that may be causing an incompatibility issue with K.?

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as said, i've already checked the usual suspects, physical issues can be ruled out.
other security solutions.... the only thing is a NordVPN subscription, which isn't active (also not as a background service), so I guess we can discard that?

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