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kaspersky password manager autofill disables itself (Android)

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Samsung Galaxy S10+; Android 11; One ui 3.1; Kpm 

Every time i open kpm i need to activate autofill again. When i close it, its like its forgot the settings.

Cause of security reasons i cant post a screenshot. Says ur app.

Hello @DazyPanda


We were able to replicate the issue, however, we also solved it by turning on (Samsung) Your Phone companion, Accessibility services for KPM → after enabling this, the fake notification stopped.


There’s a small amount of documentation (4 mentions) in Kaspersky’s Online Help, search Accessibility 



Perhaps Kaspersky doesn’t document the solution (we’ve found) as they’d say there’s so much variation in each Android OS🤔

IF the issue persists & if KPM is Premium, not Free, contact Customer support, either via Chat or Email, fill in Application malfunction, Other template. Support may request Logs, Traces & other Data, they will guide you. 

  • If selecting Chat option, we recommend you request a copy of the chat transcript, make sure you fill in your email address AFTER the chat is activated by the Chat agent & complete the Verify your email address email AFTER the chat completes.
  • When it’s available, please share the outcome with the Community? 

Thank you🙏


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