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Kaspersky Password Manager 10 problem

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just run across a problem with KPM 10 just updated to latest version and now when i log in to vault it immediately opens and then closes down within about 3 seconds then have to reload and start again without actually managing to get into the program. tried reinstalling but still got the same problem anyone any ideas?

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I have the same problem, Password manager closes after a few seconds.

Sorry I didn't see your post, but I have posted my issue here:

Originally I thought my problem is that the Password manager signs out after each use when logging into website. But later I realized I can not even open the Password manager interface to change settings, because as you said, it closes after 3 seconds...


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Update: I have solved the problem. I have changed the passwords for both Total Security and Password manager. Since I could not log into the Password Manager due to it closing down in a few seconds, I used the "Forgot my password" feature. I chose to have the old vault deleted and a new one was created. Password manager works now without any issue.


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