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Kaspersky File Anti Virus is Detecting HEUR Trojan Script Generic in MSEdge Spamming Me With Notifications

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Kaspersky is detecting a false threat or kaspersky is unable to delete the virus permanently from my system. I saw suggestions on forum for same issue , i tried clearing cache deleting cookies then rebooting, it didnt work . Only thing seems to work is  going to privacy and  "cookies and site permissions" settings and setting all them to "blocked" or "not allowed" basicly not allowing anything that i can allow. Notifications seems to stopped but when i turn off all these features microsoft edge is becoming unusable basically.

Virus files are always getting detected at same location , one example

C:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Temp\scoped_dir8184_1774212031\c980f1ee-fbd0-4bf6-94bd-beb43e140240.tmp    c980f1ee-fbd0-4bf6-94bd-beb43e140240.tmp

file name changes but always found at somewhere scoped_dir........................

I want to be able to use microsoft edge , is there any solution for this issue?

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17 minutes ago, harlan4096 said:

Welcome to Kaspersky Community.


Can You post a pic with the full details of the detection?


Also, check Your add-ons installed in Edge if any suspicious...

there was one suspicious extension but i removed that from microsoft edge long time ago (before i install windows from 0 with a clean installation)

I try to change language of my kaspersky premium but couldnt figure out how to do 

Do u know how can i change interface language so i can send u a meaningful screenshot?


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These are the settings that i am using for MSEdge , since i set these settings , i do not get any detection notification. I start having them back and quarantined virus' when i reset settings of MSEdge.

With those settings MSEdge is not usable , just temporary solution for the problem.






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I solved the problem , anyone experiencing same.  If you are using your microsoft account on multiple PCs and if you have had extensions,apps which were containing malware. Removing extension  on one PC might not remove extension from EDGE's that are installed in another PC that you login with ur microsoft account or u use ur microsoft account for logging into MSEdge. 

So basically open each PC and remove extension from Edge manually.

My own personal suggestion : Use MsEdge without extensions because your safety is not guaranteed when you get any extensions from extension store, microsoft is not doing enough security checks. It is 2nd time it is happening to me. There is nothing shady , floating video extension contains malware... Store admits that extension contains malware. I am not saying it, they say it. Do not think like you are safe because you are getting extensions from store.

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