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Kaspersky 2022: When? What? How? Frequently Asked Questions

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KIS 2022 will be released this year and when?


Hello @JPEKaspersky,

Welcome back!

According to:

The next update will be Kaspersky 2021 MR4 (probably), currently there is no official information available about the release from Kaspersky 2022.”


For now there is no K2022 version in beta phase, but a K2021 MR4 will apparently bring big changes in the GUI (graphical interface)...”

Also, you may be interested in beta testing:

Beta Testing Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.8, KSOS 21.5 and KSeC 21.5


Beta Testing of a new Kaspersky product

Even if you do not participate in testing, reading beta comments is often illuminating… 

Thank you🙏
Flood🐳 +🐋

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Hi All!!

Kaspersky’s consumer products update will be available later than usual as we are preparing for something special and large-scale. We are currently beta-testing some of our future product variants among users so that we can provide a brand-new product experience with a redesigned interface and new features, which will be released next year. – attributable to Kaspersky.



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Will Kaspersky 2022 once again temper with my mozilla products?

Because I just had a huge PITA solving a problem even your forum mods could not answer.

And this was the third time something like that happening this year.

I am the “computer person” for most of my family, my coworkers, some ex-coworkers and freelance connections as I work in a bridge-field between IT and natural science. There is at least 30+ licenses of your product sold and renewed per year because I praised your products and activly installed and bought it for people when setting up their pcs or they had a problem. and there is plenty of “micro influencers” like me.

If you dont stop tempering with all the https stuff in such an amateur manner I will definitly encourage all of those people to stop buying your products and I know other people who will encourage their non-IT bubble to do so. You will literally lose thousands of dollars per year per micro influencer if you dont stop that kind of stuff. It might at least be a good idea to check e.g. the 100 biggest sites like google services  etc. before you push those updates. Or consider stop putting in those “good intention” MITM-tools in your software and just scan the websites with a browser addon?

Thank you for your service.

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Hi, I have gone through this post. But still I would like to ask if KIS 2022 will be released or not. My current version is (g). Online it says KIS 2022 is released, so when I try to download it, it says that it is version Is  the latest version of KIS ?

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Hello @San2020


  1. Share the URL for where it says “KIS 2022 is released” please? 

Thank you🙏




Moderator note : Link disabled 


Also I had actually gone to the link here and tried it


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