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import from avast?


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I wanna use kaspersky. My old pass manager is “avast”. Is there any way to import my data from avast to kaspersky?

Hello @mustafa


KPM Supported password managers are:

  • LastPass (version 4.17.1)
  • KeePass (version 2.40)
  • Dashlane (version 6.5)
  • 1Password (version 7.2)
  • Norton Identity Safe as part of the solution Norton Security (version

If you can export the source data to one of those, then import to KPM, otherwise, no. 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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@mustafa  hello!

You can try to export data from your previous password manager to browsers (chrome, firefox) and then import data to KPM the browser (there is a feature in KPM settings to import passwords from browsers).

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