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Hyper-V, no Internet since!

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Hey, since the last VPN Update ( (c)) my vPC's in Hyper-V have no Internet.

Windows Diagnostic tell's me, there is a kind of DNS problem.

I already set the DNS to, also tryed other DNS Server... he's in the Hyper-V Netzwork, but without Internet.

Win 10 Pro 22H2, KTS, VPN (c)

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Hey @Igor Kurzin,

Strange thing today... for some reason it worked for a short time, but after a restart of the Host it's again failing in the vPC with the DNS error.


If VPN is not connected, vPC have Internet without any problems.

Host: Realtek, Kaspersky & Hyper-V Adapter
vPC: Hyper-V Adapter

No, turning off KTS does not help.

reinstalling VPN also does not help, atm VPN (a).

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Hello @Tormas,

Please check if you have DNS over HTTPs enabled on vPC's ethernet adapter and/or in your vPC's Internet browser? If so, please disable it.

If your vPC is intended to use with Kaspersky VPN only, it is safer to change DNS settings in vPC to and

Please let us know if something is changed.

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Hello again & sorry for the late response, Igor you have a PN for the Case Number you asked for.

In between... i got 20.03.2023 an email where the Support tells me... before they naturally collected a ton of data from me... a Bug Nr. 6431491 for my Case was created.

How long it will take to fix that? 3 Months of anger already done...

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