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  1. Добрый день! Судя по IP на скрине Вы подключились к серверу в РФ. Выберите в разделе "ВПН сервер" любой сервер в США.
  2. Я правильно понял, что Вы хотите установить VPN клиент на WinServer 2012? Если у вас платная версия KSeC, то можно установить любой OpenVPN клиент и воспользоваться инструкцией https://support.kaspersky.com/KPC/1.0/ru-RU/227551.htm
  3. @tellatabi hi! Could I ask you to add some details? Do you prefer to choose US region instead of particular city? Why is selecting region more “effective”? Thank you in advance.
  4. @uturnin900miles yes, I’ve got, but what is the reason? Legal issues? Performance? Privacy concerns? Both of DNS servers show almost same speeds in my case, both support DoH. Privacy concerns are mitigated by fact that my DNS requests are mixed with DNS request from other users at the same VPN server. Do I miss the key point?
  5. @Num_T Have you tried to set ‘dadtransmits’ param to zero for Kaspersky VPN network interface? It solved the issue for me.
  6. @uturnin900miles Could I ask you to elaborate why you need to setup Cloudflare’s DNS with Kaspersky VPN? Thanks a lot.
  7. Hello, @dalekarr! Have you resolved your issue? Do you have cFosSpeed or other “Internet accelerators” installed? Thanks
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