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How to use two Kaspersky profiles in Two separate Windows profiles on the same Computer?


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So, I recently bought a year of Kaspersky Premium.

I have my account, and I added the Email of my wife  as a second account on My Kaspersky (website).

We both share 1 computer, but each one of us has it's own Windows 10 Profile.

I first entered on my Windows profile, and used my Kaspersky account to log in on the windows app. Then I went to my wife's profile, and I noticed that my Kaspersky account was on her profile too. So I changed the Kaspersky account to her's. After that, I went to my Windows profile, and saw that the Kaspersky account that was logged in was hers.

So the question is, how can I log in on my Windows Kaspersky account on my profile, and how can my wife log in on her Kaspersky account on her Windows Profile, without having to log in and log out each time I change my Windows profile?


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