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How to uninstall expired Kaspersky AV Free when passwords are forgotten

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I have a netbook and a laptop with Kaspersky free AV and the licenses have expired and I have no memory of the passwords and no means to uninstall it other than years ago someone from Kaspersky promised to send me an executable that would uninstall the software from my two devices but they never sent it and I cannot even wipe the devices or use system restore because Kaspersky won't allow it, so basically I have two devices with no protection and no means to remove kaspersky's product.  I do understand that there is an activation code that I might be able to access on my devices that would help me, but is this even true or are my devices held hostage forever? To make things even worse, I I'm not certain which email addresses each of the device used although I know it was one or the other or both the same email addresses. HELLP

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Hello @Steven Hopper,


  1. Remove the passwords, so the software can be uninstalled, follow: I forgot my password. What should I do? -> use password reset tool, KLPAR, make sure the Safe Mode steps are followed. 
  • IF you need to reset (your) MyKaspersky email password, that can be done via a web browser. 

Thank you🙏

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