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ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on particular sites

Go to solution Solved by Igor Kurzin,

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Hi @DR_NOMAD , @Goro , @Shane , @Dre , @onova , @imusingkasperskyyay , 

Do you have Safe Kids installed on the machine? 
What is its version? You can check by hovering the mouse pointer over the Safe Kids icon in taskbar or by right-clicking and selecting “About”. 

If you already sent a ticket to technical support, please PM me its number.

Just a heads up, I do not if it helps!


Personal machiene so never had a need for it!

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Yeah. I’ve noticed that a site I visited this morning is now giving me this error?


The web page at https://motopress.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


Kaspersky Internet Security (g)

Databases: 05/01/22 - 11:49am


Disabling Kaspersky allows the site to work correctly?

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Hi @DR_NOMAD , @Goro , @Shane , @Dre , @onova , @imusingkasperskyyay , @qwwrty , @technoholic.me , @Flood and Flood's wife 

Can you please check does the issue still occur?

Issue is back as of today, same sites ☹

My sites are not working again. :/https://www.folhape.com.brhttps://www.diariodolitoral.com.br
I have a lot of sites and only two don't work.
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Hi all, we are investigating, sorry for the trouble. 
As a workaround (if you absolutely trust the site) add the problem site to exclusions via Settings → Network settings → Trusted addresses → Add. 

Any chance you could give more detail as to what’s happened and why once it’s resolved? If this is going to be a thing that pops up every now and again and causes these issues, then it might be that I need to look at alternative security suites.


Appreciate your communication on this though :)

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