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  1. I'm going to try a clean install first. I attempted the reset settings but it still happened afterwards!
  2. I've also experienced this but only since the application automatically updated itself to I'e also noted that this doesn't always happen too, seems random. Some boots it will popup and on some others it won't. Never had an issue with 21.7/21.8 Will keep an eye on it and it carries on I'll either try the restore settings or fully uninstall the application and reinstall. The fact this has been going on for some users since November though, suggests there's an issue somewhere with something.
  3. Same issue. Enter email and password, throws up an error 'Characters entered do not match those in the image.' There is no Google Captcha Image? Tried different browsers too
  4. That’s good to know :) Will keep an eye on that system tray icon. I’ll try a few cold boots, restarts etc. I think it maybe was down to the patch being applied. It was there, then it wasn’t. Then trying to open the application did nothing. Restart and everything seemed fine. Will report back once I've tested a few more times.
  5. Done a clean install on the laptop with the UK installer. I haven’t signed in to MyKaspersky, so that gets around that whole Email visible on the left side of the screen and the checking of password breaches. I have when I've booted the Laptop up, the Kaspersky symbol sits in the tray and then disappears, won’t open until I've rebooted. (Although saying that, upon reboot it now has patch b. So that may have been the reason why - I'll keep an eye on this.)
  6. Looks like the official UK installer is now here for the standard edition. https://www.kaspersky.co.uk/downloads/standard
  7. Hello @Jbennett360, Agreed, the install does take a long time, it would be good to know if Kaspersky has some benchmarks for this part of the process. Our test, is the same as yours, there is no toggle OFF switch, &, reply from the only people any of us should trust: Russia HQ/aka experts: “Data Leak Checker: for Kaspersky Basic and Kaspersky Standard there is no option to switch the automatics check off and it only let’s you check the connected My.Kaspersky leaks.” Your solution, signing out of MyK, is definitely the way to go, otherwise “Kaspersky periodically checks the email address linked to your My Kaspersky account against the database provided by www.haveibeenpwned.com. The first such check is performed 48 hours after installation of Kaspersky. Further checks are made every 24 hours.” You mentioned rolling backing to 21.3, waiting for 21.6, the 3 issues you’ve identified may not be fixed quite that quickly - if they get fixed at all, that’s one thing; the other & you may already be aware of this, the Standard subscription begins on the date of purchase, it remains in use, irrespective of whether or not the software is installed. Other things, that we think stink about the ‘new’ product range, are the fact it’s subscription *only* & there’s no option on the purchase page to *uncheck* renewal, both big red marks against MR5 (ioo). Going thru the laborious ‘cancel renewal’ process that K has documented is not necessary & not consumer focused. Thank you🙏, Flood🐳+🐋 Thanks for checking. These products feels half done and rushed. I've never known Kaspersky products have 'issues' like this before. It's weird. In terms of 21.5, I was using a 21.3 license, so rollback is fine. Also in terms of the auto renewal, agreed, that's not great, however, I always purchase keys from Amazon as they're slot cheaper than buying direct.
  8. That’s fine. Majority of people won’t do a clean install, which is why i did it the way I did. I normally do a clean install, but wanted to see how this way went, purely for user ease. In the mean time I'm going back to 21.3 and will stay on that for the foreseeable. Let me know how you get on with the testing!
  9. Don’t think that has anything to do with Kaspersky. That relates to BitTorrent, according to everything Google shows.
  10. Hello @Jbennett360, Thank you for posting back! Yes, that’s definitely a solution, but may not be necessary, we’ve re-checked the advice from technical support, the original advice is incorrect, the Technical Support Supervisor advised, MR5 Basic / Standard & Plus, Data Leak Checker can be toggled OFF Please check & confirm that’s the case with your installed MR5 Standard software? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 Not there for me on Standard. Maybe I need to look at doing a clean install, rather than an install over the top of 21.3? Or, I just go back to 21.3 and wait for the Official UK release of 21.6, when hopefully all these things will be ironed out and available? Edit: Looking at the documentation you provided it kind of makes it out like you can’t disable it. Data Leak Checker on Kaspersky Basic and Kaspersky Standard plans lets you manually check only the My Kaspersky account. Automatic checks of My Kaspersky account and other accounts are available only in Kaspersky Plus package.
  11. I guess the short term solution is to just sign out of the application
  12. Switched over one of my devices today to the Kaspersky Standard (MR5) with patch A, using the installer from the Australian site. Installed over the top of the latest 21.3 (g) release and Windows 11 Couple of things. Installation This seemed to take quite a while to complete. Not sure why? I think there was three steps (Security/Performance and then something else?) It was the security step that seemed to take a while. GUI Not a fan of the email address being shown on the left hand side of the application. I'd rather this was just 'My Account' or 'My Kaspersky' or at least allow this to be hidden? Data Password Leaker Can this be disabled? Can see this causing a few issues or creating confusion. Edit: Apparently the Help section says this can be toggled on/off in the Data Leak Checker section. That option isn't there for me? PC Speedup. Seems like this can't be disabled either? Ideally don't want family members deleting or cleaning registry entries on a machine. Other than that it seems like a step forward. Haven't done too much digging, just these things immediately popped up as potential issues
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