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Hello @Louiss,

Thank you for updating us!

  1. Have you ever successfully used KPM since it's been installed? 
  2. Has the computer been shutdown, using Shutdown, full power OFF & ON, since KPM has been installed?
  3. Do you have a KPM backup? 
  4. Is KPM Premium or Free?
  5. Is KPM a part of another Kaspersky software installed product or a separate/standalone installation?

Please let us know?

Thank you?



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Hello @Flood and Flood's wife,

1. Kind of. I have the Premium version and when I try to log in to my Account the screen comes on.

2. It has been restarted a few times.

3. No, I do not, but I have my passwords.

4. It is the premium version.

5. I installed it with Kaspersky Total Security, but since then I uninstalled and installed it two times because of that error.

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