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2021 version, When? What's new? [merged]

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  1. Is Password protection feature discontinued?  
  2. I can no longer set password protection to block others from changing my settings. 

Hello @RRIKS


  1. No. See out video; note, where the cursor flashes, e.g. @ 00:21, a confirmation window has appeared & been selected, those screens are image protected by Kaspersky, as a consequence they do not show in videos
  2. What happens, are there errors, show us images or video please? 
  3. Which KTS version & patch is installed → on Windows taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About



  • KLAdmin is the default user name.
  • A forgotten password cannot be recovered. If you’ve forgotten the password, contact Technical Support to recover access to Kaspersky Total Security settings.

Thank you🙏



How to password-protect access to Kaspersky Total Security management functions

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Thanks!  I looked in the wrong place.  It turns out I already had it on.

My real issue is that I could pause protection without entering a password, so I thought the feature was discontinued.  I fixed this by editing permissions for the “Everyone” setting.  Maybe this Everyone setting is what really changed in the new version.



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