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  1. tistou77's post in Problème de police résultat Analyse (21.15) was marked as the answer   
    Bonjour @Berny
    Merci pour le retour
    J'avais trouvé le problème, ça venait d'une police Windows que K utilise
    Je l'avais réinstallé et c'est bon 😉
  2. tistou77's post in Install Kaspersky in command prompt was marked as the answer   
    That's it to work (silent mode) ?
    In fact, you must use the .exe offline and not the .exe online
    Since the installation file is not available without "really looking for" and that it is indicated nowhere that it takes the offline version, must know
    Otherwise, after installation in silent mode, Kaspersky does not open, if necessary, there is a parameter so that it opens (like a conventional installation) ?
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