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  1. Hello, Is there a difference in the time interval for updating the viral signatures between the free and paid version? Or do updates occur with the same frequency for both versions? Thank you.
  2. Why What Should I Do? I wanted to know if the antivirus process is already active and it's just a graphic matter of the icon turning green with a little delay.
  3. Hello, when I start the PC, during the loading phase of the operating system is the real time protection of KSC Free already active even if I see the gray icon which then turns green after a few seconds (or about 1 minute)? Thank you.
  4. Ho fatto rimane come mi hai detto ma la borsa. Vedi allegato.
  5. But if you disable news reception, does the "envelope" icon (bottom left) in the main interface remain?
  6. Hello, is there any way to disable the news section (sachet icon) in KSC Free? I removed the flags to receive Kaspersky news. Thank you. Nunzio.
  7. Hello, Does KSC Free protect the emails I receive and send through Thunderbird too? Thank you.
  8. Hello @NDABBRU, Welcome back! If Background scan is enabled, Kaspersky Security Cloud will perform a daily background scan automatically. A background scan is an automatic scan mode of Kaspersky Security Cloud that does not display notifications. This scan requires fewer computer resources than other types of scans (for example, Full Scan). When in this mode, Kaspersky Security Cloud scans the system memory, system volumes, boot sectors and startup objects, and searches for rootkits. If the computer is running on battery power, Kaspersky Security Cloud will not perform background scans when the computer is idle. Does your machine meets the KSC hardware & software requirements? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 Ok. Thanks! ??
  9. Hello! Is it normal for background scanning to happen almost every day automatically? It is not too much? On my PC it does it almost every day. Does it use a lot of resources?
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