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  1. I don't understand the question..... What print do you mean?
  2. Hey, I'm surprised that nobody is reacting to my post regarding the "zoner antivirus test" app... Is this the wrong forum for detection issues or is nobody interested in the fact that Kaspersky mobile missed a virus on Android...? OK maybe it isn't a real virus (Eicar testvirus) but again if other apps detected it why not Kaspersky? As a long time user i am disappointed in the lack of interest. Sven
  3. Hello, I was testing Kaspersky on my Android tablet with some antivirus test apps, and found that Kaspersky didn't detect the test app "zoner antivirus test"....?! The build in security program from Samsung allerted me but not Kaspersky, even when opening the app... I then downloaded a few other antivirus apps and they all detected it during installation or after full scan! What did I miss.... Or is Kaspersky missing this time ? I always thought that it has a 100 % detection rate on Android... I have less than a week before my lisence expires and am a bit disappointed ? Thanks for your reactions, Sven
  4. Berny, One more question, is the data from the Uk version also processed in Switzerland?
  5. Berny, I'm using the uk version but was just wondering... Thank for your response. Sven
  6. Hey Berny, English version for me... I'm from Belgium but always used English version.
  7. Hey, Is there already a Kaspersky Standard or Plus version to download with eu GDPR build in... Thanks for your answer, Sven
  8. thanks Flood for the info. I changed to other user and used my login and now everything works fine... Have a nice weekend all Sven
  9. Thanks for the answers... I have a Kaspersky Internet Security subscription for 3 devices and used that to activate the Kaspersky standard. So if Kaspersky Standard is for 1 user only does that mean that the second user on the PC isn't protected, also regarding the 1 User Account doesn't that just mean 1 My Kaspersky Account ? Regards, Sven
  10. Hey nexon, I have this setting correct, run as current user. even then Kaspersky doesn't update on non administrator user. Sven
  11. Hey, I have a question, i'm using Kaspersky Standard on a Windows 10 PC with two users. I am administrator and the other is a normal user, when the normal user is loged in Kaspersky doesn't update teh databases..... So when i log in after a few days(not using pc daily) windows security and Kaspersky gives me a warning that there wasn't an update for a long time..... Why doesn't Kaspersky update his database on a non administrator windows user? Thanks for your answers, Sven
  12. Hey, I'm back using Kaspersky and i have download the Standard version from the Uk website.... Everything went ok and i like the new ui, also connecting to My Kaspersky and activating the program was no problem. Then i saw in my Kaspersky that Standard isn't supported in my region, i understand that because i am from Belgium and Standard isn't yet released in Europe... My question is, am i still protected and safe with the new Kaspersky Standard or do i have to install the "older" version 21.3 from global(or Belgium) website? Thanks for your answers, Sven
  13. Thank you very much for the feedback Danila T. Looking forward to see the new product.
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