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  1. For those having the .NET issue - please check your Windows environment variables, specifically: COMPlus_GCName and DOTNET_EnableWriteXorExecute If they exist, then delete them and try to start Kaspersky. Those 2 variables were the problem in my case caused by 3rd party software, but nonetheless demonstrate a security flaw that can easily prevent Kaspersky from installing or executing. No need to reinstall Kaspersky or Windows as some may wish to suggest. 😎
  2. Yes, "Flood and Flood's wife" - the box is unchecked so full filenames are shown. This isn't my first rodeo btw... It's also a fresh install anyway, so that M$ style of reply isn't helpful. Hint.
  3. I can confirm mahris's comment. Same here for in Win 7, Kaspersky 2023 Premium v21.15 I always run show everything mode.
  4. Hi. It does make sense but it's a long story and deliberately not detailed. By good fortune more than anything, the primary issue has now been resolved, and this matter closed.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'd imagine (expect) that Kaspersky would have one database to ensure a comprehensive data source, so "Premium support" would be no better off than regular "Customer support". The "World class experts" as per the Kaspersky claim must be on holidays. If there's a fix for a problem, everyone there should have access to it, although they don't seem to have one for the issue I and numerous others have, hence my desire to go back a few years and hope their software doesn't have the same bug. As for KIS 2019, current products like Premium do not use activation codes, so I'd have to confirm they'd work with current activation methods.
  6. I'm wondering if it's possible to activate a product that's out of the -1/+3 licensing range. eg If I downloaded KIS 2019, how could I activate it? Or maybe just buy an unopened copy somewhere...
  7. Having the same problem with a purchase last month of Kaspersky Premium. Going round in circles with entry level tech support. Anyone got a fix for them?
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