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  1. 在苹果的 App Store 或者卡巴斯基英文官网购买,中国大陆地区官网不销售KPM产品。 英文在线商店:https://www.kaspersky.com/home-security 下方,Windows中找到KPM,点击购买,即可出现购买页面 如果被重定向到中文官网,则进入:https://usa.kaspersky.com/?ignoreredirects=true
  2. Hello @huang1111, Thank you for your comment. We’re aware of the “cause” & the “possible” resolution; it does not explain why there’s been no progress in the last fourteen months. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳 +🐋 Relax, this is nothing more than normal. Because it is not a serious problem, they may choose not to repair it and just create an ID. The number of my feedback has reached at least 1000+. If they set the priority of the problem at 2, it will be fixed in the next MR version. If the priority is located at 3, 4, then there is a high probability that it will not be repaired.
  3. Hello @huang1111, Welcome! That does not explain why the software works perfectly in older devices & not newer devices. (ioo), not “normal” at all & not according to Kaspersky experts, who have the issue in hand. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳 +🐋 Hello, their drivers are different. The working principle of the VK component is achieved by hijacking the input stream. Kaspersky’s expert team can add it to the system whitelist for a known driver and confirm that there is no problem. This also explains why it can work perfectly in the old equipment, but it cannot work perfectly in the new equipment.😀
  4. Yes, you can set network rules in the application to prevent it from accessing any network.
  5. This is a normal phenomenon. The input of the touchpad of the notebook computer is dependent on its driver. The Kaspersky Secure Keyboard relies on the driver of Kaspersky, but the driver of Kaspersky needs to hijack the input, which leads to your touchpad. The driver does not work.
  6. Kaspersky browser extension is for better interaction with web pages, so it is an optional option. But unfortunately, there are some errors in Kaspersky page interaction. I cannot reproduce them stably. It will make mistakes from time to time (anti-advertising failure). Therefore, if you want to avoid such problems, please turn off script injection and anti Advertising, anti-tracking. You can use Adblock Plus instead of Kaspersky’s protection for better results.
  7. First push target value Target="[0-13107]" Push target value Target="[13108-*] for the second time You need to modify the update target in the registry to become the first push users. View in the registration form: Enter "regedit" in the operation: (AVPXX.X.X is the corresponding version you installed, for example, the corresponding version of 21MR3 is AVP21.3.0) 32-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\AVPXX.X.X\environment 64-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\KasperskyLab\AVPXX.X.X\environment Find the update target and check the key value. If the key value is greater than 13107, modify it as follows: Tips: Please turn off Kaspersky self-protection and modify the health value. The recommended value is less than 10000, so that the patch can be pushed to you as soon as possible. After the modification is completed, turn on self-protection, and then update the database, it will be automatically Update, if there is no automatic update, you can click a few more times.
  8. If the second confirmation box does not appear for all of your operations, it means that a program is blocking your front display, and you need to troubleshoot which application has this problem.
  9. During the installation process, although the user can cancel the installation of KPM and KSeC components, it is selected by default, and the user will install them into the application if they do not pay attention. Obviously, this is a bundled installation. In fact, Kaspersky has been pushing users to install advertisements for password managers and browser extension programs since last year, but the effect does not seem to be good, so that they can only use this method to expand their market share.
  10. ①Try to log in to "My Kaspersky" to check whether the key is saved on the website. ②Try to search for the keyword "kaspersky" in the mailbox or SMS to see if there is an activation code.
  11. Try to enter the developer mode (enter F12 in the browser) and select the "Network" option. This mode has been turned on before entering my.kaspersky.com and try to reproduce this action until this window appears, take a screenshot, and Send the screenshots to technical support, they need to submit to the website management team for resolution. (It doesn’t make sense to send to the forum, because we can’t manage the website. It seems that there is a problem with some configuration of the website, and it happens that your IP is prompted to be verified)
  12. The blue screen usually appears in the Windows folder MEMORY.DMP file, and when the blue screen occurs, it will prompt which driver has a problem, you need to find this driver and try to uninstall it, so that the blue screen will no longer occur. (You may need to enter PE or safe mode to process this driver).
  13. Since this function does not have much practical value in China, I am not familiar with it and cannot answer your question. You may need to contact technical support for a more detailed solution.
  14. Supplement to the sixth point: Settings-network settings-traffic handling-inject scripts into web traffic to interact with web pages However, for this problem, I personally think that this operation has no effect. If possible, please provide a more detailed reproduction method. I need to reproduce it.
  15. The related error is because some operations are blocked by Kaspersky. You can open the trace to record what happened, and then send it to the technical support for them to submit to the headquarters for analysis and wait for the relevant results.
  16. If you are using the Outlook client, it may be because Kaspersky is scanning your Outlook client, but the performance of your device caused the freeze.
  17. Hello, try to reinstall the VC library. If it still cannot be solved, please directly overwrite the system (through the Windows media tool, all applications and data can be kept without being deleted).
  18. Hello, try to switch the IP. Maybe your IP at this time has been used for network attacks and such problems, causing the IP to enter the blacklist.
  19. Usually fast connection will choose the server with the lowest ping value to connect. Therefore, the ping value of the Indian server may be lower in your region, so this server is preferred. If you are a subscriber, you can manually connect to other regional servers To solve.
  20. Hello, try to update Office 365 to see if this problem still occurs. Because the SSL certificate configured on some inline websites may expire or have other phenomena, this prompt appears, but it does not have much impact on security.
  21. Hi, have you tried clearing your browser’s cookies? Or try to reproduce the operation in incognito mode (without opening other plugins)?
  22. 大家好! 由于卡巴斯基在中国地区的网站重提供的下载服务器为境外服务器,导致了很多用户无法以正常速度下载这些工具,因此我通过我的自建网盘分享出了这些常用的工具,以便各位解决问题之用: 工具集下载地址:https://pan.huang1111.top/#/s/w7SK 工具集中工具的对应名称如下: GetSystemInfo6.2.exe(系统信息收集工具) CRC32: 74EA475E MD5: 3B5865B38366D4D16638B354F9EEFA1D SHA-1: C1E6A92CAAB8D93D7F3F5E1D859BB897144EC63A SHA-256: 6FADB295D93C2B2257D9FA9C323A7C20FFF54DA1083A1E33A23662DD8F3FDEAB kavremvr.exe(卡巴斯基产品移除工具) CRC32: FF4FD0D9 MD5: 8C6B4FEA1184CE35D009D45CBE426439 SHA-1: DE9F5676B143131FEC4D2B3915438913EB4DFEA4 SHA-256: 29EE9839F4A7C117BAC2EBEFDBEB40F03F4FED86277003596A4ABA33F61D34FC krd.iso(卡巴斯基应急救援磁盘) CRC32: 82EA4226 MD5: 8CC19092A405D45091C221C084960646 SHA-1: 3D95C4C12BCD47D2C0A2F5DA137C2629E9C97CB0 SHA-256: 45BCF0882659864C2FF54A9CBBDED6CD11159CF32D419C0A158F0DA13F124660 kavlog.exe(卡巴斯基dump、trace收集工具) CRC32: 1D84EF8A MD5: FA6676FB72035EC40F3E4861D0268F6F SHA-1: 4800674EC31AF2049340F831F161E65D6FB166D4 SHA-256: FF31D1122359F3F6E1A74984CADD075E6D9372B395247C9FB5C505FD50A9A837 如果我的工具集中没有包含一些工具,请 PM 我。
  23. hello 提供三种解决方法: ①重启路由器 ②重置一下IE,具体可以百度,不贴链接了,省得又要审核 ③如果重置IE无效,尝试更换一下DNS服务器(,,随后powershell管理员身份运行指令“ipconfig /flushdns”,重启计算机后尝试
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