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  1. The word “Patch” in software development means an update for newly discovered critical malfunction or vulnerabilities. Such Patch has to be developed and deployed quickly, before someone can take advantage of using these vulnerabilities. K-Lab saying in release notes that Patch (C) has fixes to some vulnerabilities, so we, who use KIS, are actually using a software has vulnerabilities that can be exploited by anyone, like hackers. Any get the Patch so far? If Not, what K-Lab waiting for? To be hacked through a software designed to protect us from hacks? This is very weird!!!
  2. Patch C for Kaspersky Internet Security version was released on June 3, 2021. Confirmed at https://support.kaspersky.com/15595# Today is 10 June and I didn’t get it through KIS update!!! Update is working fine but there is no indication a new patch had been fetched from K-lab servers. Did you get Patch (C)? Is it rolling slowly? Thanks for sharing and responding.
  3. Hello, I’m assuming Network Monitor tool is a real-time capturing tool for all type of traffics generated by all apps/processes. But, the attached screenshot showing something different to my assumption!!! Screenshot showing: qBittorrent (a torrent client) is receiving data at rate of 31.9 kB/s over 3 UDP connections from devices located globally. But KIS Network activity panel doesn’t show that and only showing 2 local connections without Zero traffic. Internet Download Manager (IDM) app is downloading a file over 1 TCP secure connection at a rate not exactly the same as Network Activity panel reporting. Total traffic rate of the 2 active apps listed above are not matching the total traffic rate in Network Activity expressed in Received/ Sent at bottom right corner and at top left corner of the panel. I’m using KIS since 2007 and I do remember the first time I used Network Monitor, it was real-time and correct by at least 95%. But since the use of .NET Framework to build KIS, I keep see unsatisfied things!!! If you think this should be reported to Kaspersky-Lab, please advise how Regards,
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