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  1. Hello, I would like to express my opinion on the product in hope that it will inherit some of Nordpass features that I miss. First of all, i had a problem when trying to import my passwords from Nordpass to Kaspersky, So I ended up manually importing all data took me lots of time. Kaspersky PM should support creating Passkeys like Nordpass is doing Kaspersky PM should fix the issue of having to create a new entry for an App (like if i have a spotify android app and spotify Desktop app, i have to make 2 entries for the same thing 😞 not good) Kaspersky PM on android have a problem not showing the right password when trying to log in into an app, even if i create a new password info while choosing (App) as an entry ***************** I use Kaspersky PM on windows and its working fine with websites but not with the apps. I like the vault feature something that Nordpass dont have or you have to pay more for it (no thank you!) So I hope these things will be fixed this next few months, Cuz i dont want to switch back to Nordpass.
  2. hello! I'm just a skeptical noob, anyways what happenes is that i went to google and searched for: "Embassy of bosnia in Madrid" then i clicked on the link (Shown in picture), and it did sent me to this link starbuck.xyz/tjWk32 that has no connection to the original, and the link doesn't work when i looked up that link on virustotal, it said it is a malicious. ***** the weird thing is if i typed the original link i wanted to visit which is " http://embajadabh.es/ " it works just fine, but when i googled it first and clicked on it, it sent me to the malicious one. Please any insights!
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