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  1. Kaspersky total security. k 2021 A O Kaspersky Lab This is from up icon lower right. The other headset is the same numbers as above and Windows 10 home X64 build 19045 And thank you for helping me. I want my safe money to run in Chrome which I use daily. I have done what Kaspersky put on to fix this when they say its windows libraries that is the problem. Thanks again Babs56
  2. First I can't get my screen to print. If it makes sense to you I have an ASUS keyboard and a dell computer. I have tried the print scr and the alt and F7 key nothing. Windows: 22H OS BUILD 19045.4046 Chrome: 122.0.6261.95 official build 64bit As far as Kaspersky I can't get anything on that. I right click it only shows pin to start, more, history, settings, data base, tools and scan. Run error Failed to run Protected Browser. Reason: Process was stopped. I can only run safe money in firefox. Chrome and microsoft edge can't do.
  3. HELP PLEASE. Running in Chrome I get the run error that safe money Failed to run Protected Browser. Reason: Process was stopped. I don't know how to correct this. I am not that computer savvy trying to fix things I usually let Geek squad do that for me on my computer. So in lyman's terms how do I fix this please. I use Chrome for everything. But safe money right now is running in firefox. So what changed in chrome for it not to work? It was working a week ago. HELP
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