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  1. I got around to upgrading and that has resolved the SSL error with Citrix and also the opening secure sites in a secure browser setting. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, it may not be until Fri now that I get time to check as that sounds like it may take a wee while to complete. But I will report back with outcome. Also to note that this issue is only affecting my Win 10 machine, not Win 11. My KTS version is ->
  3. IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! I just turned off Kaspersky Total Security (not just paused it) and I can now open my Citrix application as expected. So Kaspersky Total Security was the cause of my pain with the SSL error and Citrix. Any help on this as well as the banking issue. I suspect that the issues are now very much linked. Note that pausing protection did nothing! So when KTS is paused, it's obviously still running enough to cause other system issues.
  4. This may or may not be linked but very recently another app I use (Citrix app) is giving the following error - These issues happened around the same time, but I'm not 100% sure if at the same point. I have also remove all citrix software while trying to fix it and at the same time test the browser issue. I'm no further forward.
  5. If I open a banking site in Chrome, when it goes to open new secure protected browser it fails -> I then changed the settings in Safe Money from using the default browser (chrome) to use Firefox -> If I now open a banking site in Chrome it still tries to open it in Chrome, so I'm not convinced that safe money setting did anything and yes I've restarted my machine as well. If I have Firefox open and go to a banking site then I get -> I have Windows 10 -> and Kaspersky total security -> The issue also appeared around the same time that Kaspersky VPN updated which I don't use, so I uninstalled that. No difference. I have also uninstalled the last few windows updates from when I noticed the issue, no change.
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