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Worse than I thought. Cannot even be uninstalled!


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Can anyone tell me how to uninstall Kaspersky security cloud? 

This thing is like a virus. It keeps hanging up and I have to keep rebooting so I decided to uninstall it and move to a different vendor, but you cannot even uninstall it!


If you go to windows control panel …. programs and features …. kaspersky → uninstall a dialogue opens up “preparing for installation” and it hangs up again. 

This is hands down the WORSE software integration with Windows 10 I have every experienced.


Is there a Kaspersly tool that I can use to uninstall the product given it CANNOT be uninstalled by windows 10? 

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I cannot believe I cannot even kill the processes: access denied.


Now the web is directing me to HACKING tool websites so I can download some hackers EXE to kill these kaspersky processes that have hung so maybe… maybe I can uninstall it.


This product is a NIGHTMARE and is totally exposing my system! 

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Really? There is NO TOOL available to uninstall this?  

I cannot kill the processes. Every single thing I do to it to modify a checkbox makes it hang, and I cannot prevent it from starting up when I boot the computer.




When do I get the demand for money to get my PC working again? 

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