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Windows Mail Integration

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Hi, I have these questions:

- Does Kaspersky automatically integrate with Windows Mail & scan emails?

- If I install any other mail client, does Kaspersky automatically recognize them & integrate with them, or I should go to settings & change something to do that?

Thank you

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Hello @Kasperov,

Kaspersky scans the data stream before the mails reach your mail client. This makes it almost irrelevant which program you use.
In some email programs you still have to import the Kaspersky certificate, also the treatment of mails marked as spam should be adjusted.

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Thank you @Schulte,

What is Kaspersky certificate & do I have to import that into Windows Mail (Windows Built-in mail client)?

What made me sensitive about this is that: Yesterday I got email from (claimed to be: email AT engage DOT windows DOT com) with title "a small token of appreciation from the windows team". The email has no body (empty). I searched internet & found out the email actually has body & some links, & someone clicked on it & had troubles after. Is this a good sign that for example Kaspersky scanned it & prevented its body to be shown to me? Or its what mail provider did? What do you think?

Here is the link of discussion if you are interested:



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Hi, I checked the reports & except "task started" nothing was there for days. It seems mail provider did that, but I'm surprised why it didn't move that email to my spam folder. Anyway thanks for the info. Today I found out I mistakenly posted in Russian language forum. Sorry for that!


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Steps are given below-

Windows 10 has built-in Mail and Calendar apps. To open them, search for Mail or Calendar on the taskbar, and select the icons from the search results.

Calendar and Mail app on Start
You've found the apps, now make them useful by adding your accounts. If this is the first time you're opening either Mail or Calendar, follow the instructions on the Welcome page. Otherwise, do the following:

In the Mail or Calendar app, select Settings  at the lower left.

Open Settings

Select Manage accounts > Add account, then choose an account, and follow the instructions.

Your mail and calendar will automatically start syncing. To add more accounts, return to Settings  .

A few more handy things:
No need to add the same account twice—when you add it to one app, the other app automatically connects to the same account.

Switch between Mail and Calendar by selecting Switch to mail  or Switch to calendar  on the lower-left side of the window.

To see the contacts associated with your accounts, select Switch to People  to open the People app.

Switch between Mail and Calendar

Delete an account at any time by going to Settings  > Manage accounts. Choose the account you want to delete, and then select Delete account. If you've signed in to your PC with a Microsoft account, that account is added automatically to the Mail and Calendar apps and can't be deleted. But you can remove any others you added yourself.



Rachel Gomez

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