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I checked that the version of Kaspersky I'm using is now version
I looked for information but nothing is said about what's new or fixed in this version (b) on the Kaspersky website
Could anyone inform?
Thanks !

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3 horas atrás, nexon disse:

No release notes about patch (b) for now. 

Currently is patch (c) in progress.

Great friend, good to know you're here.
I wanted to know if you think it's taking too long to come up with any notes about this patch (b).
What I think is that ADMINISTRATORS should set a topic on the forum about what is being changed like AVAST and ESET do.
It is always disclosed to CUSTOMERS.

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21 hours ago, nexon said:

Good suggestion from you. This topic should be created. 

Also on German forum already exists by @Schulte 


It's good that not only me but several people think the same.
What is left for ADMINISTRATORS to make this topic pinned, like other forums that exist for other antivirus products because this creates clarity for customers.
Today I saw that my product was in version (b) when I went to look for what changed, it was not found on the official website. 😒😔


From what I saw it was requested in 2022, we are in 2024, 2 years have passed because the KASPERSKY team didn't create this fixed topic, to post what is being modified?


I understand that when a new version comes out I will always ask, since there is no answer, I am within my rights to ask what was changed since there is no explanation on the forum.
Next update I'll be here asking again. until the team places it as a fixed topic and always updates it.
in other antivirus products and always updated when a new version is released.
Kaspersky, as a large company, should pass this on to its customers.

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11 minutes ago, harlan4096 disse:

Probably fixing bugs, please post en English, thanks.

Sorry friends, I have the translator activated here and I didn't check to put it in English.
Thank you @harlan4096 for informing me, can you tell me which bugs? There is no changelog of what was fixed, there used to be.

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