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[SUGGESTION] Delete entry to bin, instead of permanently

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Several competitor products have this, and it's a very good fail-safe - if I delete an entry, possibly by accident, I want to be able to restore it. Right now the app is very unforgiving - when I delete an entry by accident it's lost forever. Instead, it should be placed into the bin and deleted after, say, 30/60/90 days.

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1 hour ago, Guilhermesene4096 said:
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Choose the product you use Standard / Plus / Premium and make suggestions.

  1. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make suggestions directly to KPM, but you can make an indirect suggestion through another product.


Hello @SNH


  • Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows, Feedback, I have a suggestion OR I have a complaint template *is* available.


Please use it, it will aid Kaspersky Customer Service direct (your) request to the appropriate team. 

Thank you🙏

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