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Severe problems and disappointments with Kaspersky Standard 21.13, made me go back to KIS

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Good evening and excuse my English, as it is a language that I do not master completely.

I felt completely let down by K Standard 21.13.

Earlier this week whenever I proceeded to delete traces of activity, K Standard would continually crash, restart, strangely at the same time as it crashed it automatically performed a database update at the same time.

My Security Center always indicated that I had no anti-virus active and then K. Standard would restart again.

During this process, a message to send data to Kaspersky's servers always popped up.

Disappointed, I managed to buy the KIS because in my country it is still in stock in the form of a physical card with an activation code to scratch off.

Already quite upset that the situation was repeating itself whenever I performed this action, I completely uninstalled K Standard from my desktop and installed KIS 21.3 (k), licensed for one year.

In "My Kaspersky" is registered the K Standard that I bought by Automated teller machine with duration until 2025.

K. Standard still seems to me to be a product with many bugs and not very mature.

Another error that sometimes happens to me is that all the applications and programs running on my desktop registered by K. Standard disappear (like in the firewall, activity control and network applications) and then they return there according to the activity of my machine.

Yesterday I spoke via chat with technical support but since I no longer had KS 21.13 (which, as I said, I completely uninstalled), obviously I didn't send a series of things that they asked me to do.

Support then communicated to me that:
"Thanks for sharing the issue we will pass it on to our development team."

I hope that the problem is resolved soon or that K. Internet Security has a long life as it is stable (for some reason the new range of products is not yet for sale in Eastern European countries.)

Excuse me for my outburst, but I think first of all that programmers correct and develop new products better or they will have to lose a customer, because support only knows how to resort to the user to carry out tests with traces, and due to the fact that they are large files size, I can't send them, because I don't master the technologies that ask to send them.

Thank you very much.


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Happy weekend to the whole community.

Good news.

After contacting Kaspersky support in the middle of last week, I received a positive response for the refund of the unfortunate purchase I made of Kaspersky Standard (which I had for a device with a duration of two years).

I hope that the next patches of the new product line will fix all these bugs and crashes that are happening.

Then I will evaluate the acquisition of K. Standard.

For now I will stick with the KIS 21.3(k) one year license

It is old but it is a Top and an Gold product, well matured.

With my best regards.

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