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Screen locker Print screen test - bug?

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1. Open protected web browser (must have green frame) protected by kaspersky do print screen (PrtSc) paste into Microsoft Paint - here is fully displayed complete image of bank for example like in normal browser when you do print screen. So this NOT WORKING protection against screen locker.

2. Next scenario simply hit combination Windows + PrtSc - this will automatically save your image into Pictures and folder screenshots or something like this (i dont have english Windows so i dont know exact name of folder) and there you will see your screenshot completely black which is good because screen locker WORKING.

*Also protected browser runs in isolated mode which blocks any third party application so i see there is enabled and working Adblock plus.

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Hello @Schulte

It is okay when i try sceenshot in normal mode but protected? Hm okay if it is allowed then okay..

But scenario 2 is same like 1 but here is created screenshot and automatically saved into pictures. Which is same like in microsoft paint but in paint must click on save enter name etc...But we have same result from both.

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About protection against screenshots

To protect your data when you browse protected websites, Kaspersky Internet Security prevents spyware from taking unauthorized screenshots. Protection against screenshots is enabled by default. Protection against screenshots is running even if hardware virtualization is disabled.





1 час назад, nexon сказал:

print screen (PrtSc)



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@kmscom yea but simply combination Windows + PrtSc working (all is Black) and prtsc then paste it to Microsoft paint not working...

2 same ways but with different result. Thats all. 

I dont know if it is bug or this is builded by kaspersky. 

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I can assume that when using the Windows PrtSc combination, some program is launched to capture a screenshot of the screen and write it to a file. and, accordingly, the program's access to screen capture is blocked.

Using only the PrtSc button works at the hardware level. This button was even in the days of MS DOS. When Protected Browser is running, screen capture is possible only at the hardware level


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