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Release Kaspersky Endpoint Security

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.9.0 for Windows offers the following features and improvements:

  1. Now you can create an Authentication Agent service account when using Kaspersky disk encryption. The service account is necessary to gain access to the computer, for example, when the user forgets the password. You can also use the service account as a reserve account.
  2. Kaspersky Endpoint Agent distribution package is no longer part of the application distribution kit. To support Detection and Response solutions, you can use the Kaspersky Endpoint Security built-in agent. If necessary, you can download the Kaspersky Endpoint Agent distribution package from the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform distribution kit.
  3. The detection details interface for Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum (EDR Optimum) is improved. Threat Response features now have tooltips. A step-by-step instruction for ensuring the security of corporate infrastructure is also displayed when indicators of compromise are detected.
  4. Now you can activate Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows with a Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security license key.
  5. Now you can scan container files when installing the application on a server.
  6. New events added about establishing a connection with domains that have untrusted certificates and encrypted connections scan errors.


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