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Regarding something more about products for business in Kaspersky Internet security

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I am a freelancing professional who works on tech projects for clients and submit it to them for earning money from it.

I have to install a suitable Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) product that is applicable for business users in my laptop in order to cover the internet security requirements while working on tech projects for my clients.

When running a business as a single person, may I please know which is the most suitable internet security product of Kaspersky Internet Security which is cost effective that I can install in my laptop in order to provide protection against online security threats that may arise while working on tech projects for my clients and how can I know more about it?

Can I pls know about it?

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Hello @Vikasr


  • Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) is from Kaspersky's *old* home software range, it's been replaced by Kaspersky Standard, read: Kaspersky: Basic, Standard, Plus, Premium - info & FAQ, by Danila T.
  • Kaspersky: Standard, Plus, Premium, depending on (your) requirements; at the moment most regions are offering discounts. 
  • Important to note: Software must be activated in the region it's purchased, unless the purchase is made from Kaspersky's Global website. 
  • The software activates on the subscription purchase date - not install date. 
  • ⚠️The *Unlimited* VPN applies to the Subscriber account *only*, all other User accounts on the Subscription get Standard/Limited VPN⚠️
  • Read: How your subscription works.
  • Read: Kaspersky: we’re starting a new digital life.
  • The *Home* software range is designed for Home/personal users - IF (you) have specific *Business* requirements, please look at software from Kaspersky's Business range: FOR BUSINESS

Thank you?

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