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PXE server issue


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We are setting up to manage system builds through KSC. The KSC server has the Windows ADK and Windows PE installed and I've created a boot image based on WinPE.
When I go to Deploy device images\Additional actions\Manage list of PXE servers on the network and attempt to add a PC/server as a PXE server, the status changes to "Getting started...". It says to give it 5-10 minutes in the instructions I have but no matter how long I give it, the status doesn't change from "Getting started" and any attempt to PXE boot on the same network as the system fails.

Checking the KSC system logs when I add the device as a PXE server, I see the following error
Can't register pxe server: #1187 Bad parameter "szwFromFolderPath"

Any ideas on this?

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