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No Active Subscription But Kaspersky (Digital River) Keeps Billing Me Every Year Through PayPal!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am so frustrated that Kaspersky has no real customer service! I am reduced to asking my fellow consumers for help about how to stop Kaspersky from fraudulently charging me a yearly subscription for a subscription that is not even active anymore. The year 2020 is when I cancelled my subscription and so for the last 3 years they have been fraudulently charging me!!! Now I try to tell PayPal to stop paying them because it is a fraudulent charge and now I have to provide proof that I canceled and exactly when it was cancelled. I went to my Kaspersky profile and found nothing but a free subscription begging me to upgrade and some VPN asking me for an upgrade. There was no past anything about my last license or anything in the past!!!! How am i supposed to find something that isn't even there!!!!!! Proof!!! I'll show you proof! Proof I can cancel my PayPal account close my bank account and close my credit card linked to PayPal and report you to the better business bureau!!!  What do you think about that for proof! You will not hold be financially hostage!! I digress.....

    Hopefully going this route will resolve this problem and I can finally be free of Kaspersky charging my Paypal account $86.39 every year.  There is obviously an error in their subscription database that is toggling Digital River to charge me yearly. It makes me wonder if there is a hidden subscription linked to my PayPal account that I can't see looking it up under my email address. I would really be nice if this company would have a representative to help me with my issue but I am realizing all the representatives are existing customers. 


Thank you


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@BSK did you resolve this? I feel completely duped since I just realized digital river has been charging me for 2 TWO!! subscriptions but same as you described, I apparently only have 1 free subscription. I'm getting documents ready for paypal now. 

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