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Network attack.

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Hello @JPEKaspersky,
Welcome back!

Igor Kurzin has previously said:

"The Scan.Generic.PortScan.UDP attack means some application is scanning the availability of network ports on your system. Kaspersky Network Attack Blocker detects this activity and blocks it. Strictly speaking “Scan.Generic.PortScan.UDP” is not exactly an attack, but only port scanning.

There is even a setting: Settings ProtectionNetwork Attack Blocker → “Treat port scanning and network flooding as attacks”.

In some rare cases there can be a false detection of Scan.Generic.PortScan.UDP, technical support would need to gather additional logs to check.

Either way, you are protected and safe."

Please contact support, select Chat or Email, fill in Connectivity issues, Other template; support may need logs, traces & other data; they will guide you. 

Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 

Thank you?


Network Attack Blocker

Blocked computers section

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