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My firewall can't be activated because Kaspersky Secure Connnexion is launched on this computer

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Hey everybody! I was playing Minecraft with my friends while chatting with them by Discord. I only had Opera GX, discord and the Minecraft Launcher oppened while I sudduntly discovered that I had a Windows Security warning saying that my Firewall was disabled.

I openend Kaspersky Internet Security and it said that my firewall was activated but i can’t modify the settings of the firewall because Kaspersky Secure Connexion was running on my computer. I opened Kaspersky Secure Connexion by unfortunatly, I couldn’t find anything exept VPN settings, which I don’t use.

Can you please help me activate my firewall? 

More info:

I have a 8GO RAM computer, a 500GO SSD, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 and an HP motherboard. My Kaspersky is activated with a lisence key.

I never had this problem before. I am now using Kaspersky for more than 4 years!


Thank you to everyone reading my post!

Have a nice day!

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