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My domain (a newly created sub-domain actually) has been flagged as hosting phishing software. This domain has been parked for 10+ years!


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was about to use this domain for some affiliate marketing and boom!

Someone pointed out to me that your database has this domain flagged.

I bought this domain probably as lond as 15 years ago, so it must have been before that when it was hacked or used for nefarious purposes.

Can you please get this domain (and any hostnames) cleared. The very weird thing is that this hostname was newly created just for pointing to a linking service, so does Kaspersky flag sub-domains too if the root domain or www. is compromised?

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I have followed the instructions for resubmission. Hopefully this will be dealbt with quickly. I also did a check on the shared server that the root domain is sitting on and notice that it is sitting on a RBL - so will get that addressed as well.

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