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Monster Hunter Update Trojan

Eric Spiteri

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I downloaded the latest update of Monster Hunter rise update. Upon launching the Kaspersky was acting weird and i was notified with the image below. After Kaspersky removed the below everything was ok.

Can someone from the Kaspersky team confirm if this is a real trojan or a false positive ?

Did anyone have had a similar problem ?



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3 hours ago, miltonsegura said:

I was unable to submit a false positive. The limit is 256MB and the executable is over 500MB.

Hello @miltonsegura

Thank you for posting back & the information!

Please log a case with support, select either Chat or Email, select Malware, False Positive template, zip the exe & password protect the zip archive with a password, either: malware or infected as the password → make sure you tell support the password, ask support to send the case to Virus Lab for them to determine if it's a False positive; include the report from the Kaspersky software. 

  • Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 

Thank you🙏


Kaspersky application blocks my website or application. What should I do?

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