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Mobile Lock & Locate: How to request secret passcode instead of device PIN

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I notice that when I lock and locate my mobile device, it requests my devices PIN I set within the devices settings, but I wish for it to use the secret passcode I set using my kaspersky. How might I change this? I am uncertain if I caused this issue during the set up.

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Hello @byrdiebop


  • 🅰 Are you referring to an (KIS) requested 2FA code sent via SMS, or (KIS) requested 2FA Authenticator app code or the MyKaspersky Anti-theft RECOVERY code

KIS Locate & Locate works as follows:

  1. Device stolen, missing, needs to be located.
  2. Via the MyKaspersky account, you send Lock & Locate command. 
  3. KIS software locks the device. 
  4. You unlock the device with the phone PIN.
  5. IF you’re unable to remember the PIN, you use the RECOVERY code generated in (your) MyKaspersky account. 
  6. IF you wish to use  the RECOVERY code generated in (your) MyKaspersky account, enter the PIN incorrectly & force KIS to change to I forgot the code, not the PIN, however, using the RECOVERY code cannot be done as an automated default process; KIS Anti-theft does not work like that. 
  7. Ditto, for using SMS, however, this was possible in the past. Kaspersky withdrew it. 
  • Note: IF there’s an actual problem atm, please provide full details, tell us what steps you’ve taken,  the result of those steps & provide images, we need to need to see what you see please & the information from the tutorial by @Danila T.  below please? 
  • AND, IF there’s an actual problem, do NOT select Disconnect device - in your MyKaspersky account. 

Thank you🙏



Turning on Anti-Theft

Adding a secret code

Read before you create a new topic! tutorial, by @Danila T. 

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