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License on Secundary KSC Server

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Greetings to the community!

Recently, I have enabled a secondary KSC console on my network and integrated it into the server structure of my main console. I am planning to move some devices to this secondary console, but I have some questions regarding license and activation key management. Is it necessary to transfer the license from the main server to the secondary console? My goal is to deploy devices from the secondary console, however, I am not sure if the activation should be done from the main console or how can I perform the license relocation correctly, respecting the terms of the service agreement to avoid possible license revocations. Could someone please tell me the correct procedure for the main server license to be recognized on the secondary console?


Thank you very much for your help.

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Hello ACAA_Neza,

from technical Point of View there are no issues with using the License on the 2 KSC Servers. Moving Devices from A to B needs time. You would like to use the second Server as a Secondary / Slave Server? If yes you have to add the License on the Secondary KSC too because as you can see here the License is not inherited.


You should have a look on the License on the Main Server in the License usage Report including the Secondary Server. As I said normally there is no Problem if you have an eye on the License usage and also a short time of overlapping or over usage of License is no Problem.

If you have an over usage of the License you will see it very clear when a License is deployed and will removed after seconds from the target Device.

For Primary Secondary KSC Configuration please also have a look on this:



Best Regards


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