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klflt.sys the computer crash down and the blue screen code: DRIVER_IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL KLFLT.SYS

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Daily this month, the computer crashes and goes to the blue screen several times. Blue Screen Icon: DRIVER_IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL Meanwhile, the information on the blue screen shows that KLFLT.SYS is FAIL. And the computer restarts automatically, please help me solve the problem

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Hello @Rawad Alahmdi

Issue is supposed to be fixed by MR3.

  1. Which version do you have:  on the Windows Taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About
  2. IF it’s v21.1 or 21.2, clean install to v21.3 & retest?
  3. IF 21.3 is already installed, do the following, as requested by @Anton Mefodys, ref topic klflt.sys failed - Windows 10 crashes (code: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL)

Set the OS to collect full memory dump: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/12402

Reproduce the issue one more time.

Send the dump to Tech support: Create a request to Tech Support

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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