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KIS keeps asking me to choose category for same network


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I am using WSL2 on Win 10. Whenever there is a system reboot, WSL2’s virtual network adapter disappears from network center in control panel. It’ll appear again and connect to a network when WSL2 is launched.

KIS doesn’t remember when an adapter functions like this. There is also no way to add/match this adapter to exclusion. I have to select ‘it’s a trusted network’ whenever i reboot and use WSL2.

Would be nice if:

  1. I can make KIS know this adapter only spawns after i launch WSL2 after reboot.
  2. or, i can turn off “confirm my action for next 30 minutes” altogether
  3. or, there is exclusion rule to configure in KIS
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Hi @hanisa

Thank you for the information👌 

  • It would be helpful when using abbreviations, to post the unabbreviated “name”, at least once, in any topic.
  • Log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, fill in the template as in the image, include a GSI  & Windows Logs, images of the problem, a detailed history & the URL/link to this Community topic. The Support team may request Traces, they will guide you with the collection steps; note, Traces can be very BIG, run them for the shortest time possible &, in the MyKaspersky account, don’t use the Webdav option to upload, upload BIG data to cloud, create a share link & post the link in your incident request. 



  • After submitting the case, you’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12digits reference number, then, normally, within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Technical Support human will communicate with you, also by email, you may continue to engage with the Kaspersky Technical Team via email or by updating the INC in your MyKaspersky account.
  • Please share the outcome with the Community when it’s available?


Thank you🙏


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