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KIS Bocks Outlook 2019 POP3 on Windows 11

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Since last update on Saturday January 15th, KIS locks all POP3 connection in Outlook 2019. At the same time KIS has blocked the HTTPS connection to signal.com.

In Outlook all my 5 POP3 connection to 5 different mailboxes (i.e. IP addresses) with different protocols and ports (110 and 495) are blocked.

Thuderbird works fine, at least on the 110 port.

I used the Network settings, Trusted addresses to fix the signal.com connection.

I cannot fix the POP3 connections adding trusted address. KIS crashes if I add Outlook to trusted applications.

Under Mail anti-virus, Advanced settings, unchecking the POP2, SMTP, IMAP scans traffic does not resolve the issue.


I can only disable KIS to get the emails.

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